Huracan V2 Gaming Chair
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Victorage gaming chairs may be a new brand but it's quickly made an impact with its best-in-class gear and a deal with top esports team in Asia.

The most impressive gaming chair brand debut in 2021....On a technical and aesthetic level, these chairs are ultra-high-end.

...I can’t imagine going back to a regular office chair.

Victorage has built one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I've ever had the pleasure of sitting on... The overall quality and workmanship that Victorage has put into the chair has blown me away.

An amazing gaming chair, providing sublime fabric comfort and softness, the best choice for non-ariconditioned room.

...premium materials, adjustable armrest mechanisms, and a 6 years warranty all build on an already excellent gaming chair, earning it our Editors' Choice.

that level of premium affordability that is rarely seen in other seating brands.

All of this feels high-quality as well, as you'd be forgiven for thinking that the seat came straight out of a high-end car.

It's the Tesla of gaming chairs...sleek design and extreme comfort.

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We cut out unnecessary cost such as distributor and retail markups, to offer prices primarily based on the quality of the materials and craftsmanship.

We skip all that and allocate our expenses to the material and production of our chairs, so you get a better quality product and more savings.

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To provide you with the very best experience, we ship each chair directly to you. Enjoy quicker responses and greater savings with no retailer or distributor markups.

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Victorage Alliance

We've had the privilege of working with numerous amazing companies and Esports teams

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I was worried, now I am satisfied !
“I was worried about spending this kind of money on a chair I couldn’t try out first, but I’m so glad I went with my decision to purchase Huracan design, I’m completely pain free while sitting for hours now !”
Michelle Lam
Totally worth the wait...
My chair arrived after 2 weeks, packaging is good. The box is very heavy but the chair is easy to assemble. Quality is very above expectation and really comfortable to sit or sleep on it :). I just hope that the shipping time can be faster.
Sujay Nair
So much comfier than Secretlab Omega.
I have decided to give my old Secretlab Omega to my sister and purchased the Phantom design because the Omega cushion is too hard for me. Victorage chair cushion feels more comfortable and thicker to me. Totally happy with my purchase.
Sarah Mellisa
Kuala Lumpur
Bye bye ikea Marcus
Bye bye Ikea Marcus...and hello Victorage Cullinan ! Although it took some time to received the chair but I am totally impressed with the quality and built of Victorage chairs, the adjustablility of the chairs make it more outstanding compared to all the chair I have ever bought including Ikea marcus and TTracing Surge. Post sale customer service is tip top and patient to guide me on installation. Thankyou bossku
Leong Kit Kok
Berbaloi gile
Memang terbaik barang yang berkualiti berbaloi puas hati sangat.sesiapa yang hendak beli patut beli di kedai ini.
Muhammad Naim Jaori
Slight Defect on the armrest
Received a shaky armrest but seller replaced it within a week. Customer service is good but I hope there will be better quality check before sending out to customers. The chair is build is very sturdy as it mentioned.
Brandon Cho
Super smooth leather
The design of the chair is one of my most fav features!! The delivery took 3 weeks but it was all worth it. Patience is the key 🤣 Great quality and most importantly, the compact leather textile feels great, waterproof and supports your back better! Thank you seller ! 🌟
Syeraz Amani
Customer Service Terbaik
Aku puashati walaupun seller tipu kata pre order bulan 9 baru sampai tapi ni haa belum tengah bulan 8 dah sampai weiii..haha seller paduuu!! RECOMMENDED!
Haris Abdul Halim
so good... it feels like genuince nappa leather
very comfortable for sitting long hours and it is suitable to use in a no air con room. The leather really looks and feels premium. Totally worth it :D.
Jason Kang
A++ product, Premium & Affordable
Totally worth it. Sleek design and premium material. Free gifts are high quality and the lumbar pillow enhance sitting comfort too.
Jayakumar Pillai
Suitable for Malaysia weather
I bought this chair because of MCO and now I have to WFM everyday, Seller is very responsive and friendly by answer all my stupid questions. This chair is suitable for Malaysia waeather. The fabric quality is tip top and looks better in real. Most importanty very comfortable and cool. Only complain is the shipping time where it took 2 weeks for the pre order item.
Ian Ang
Victorage seat base feels more comfy compared to secretlab hard rock seat base.
I have been looking for a new chair to replace my old Secretlab omega when the leather starting to peel off. After many reviews and research, I have finally pulled my trigger and purchase the Victorage Cullinan chair ! I am totally amazed on the quality of Victorage and the Victorage seat base feels more comfy compared to secretlab hard rock seat base. Totally worth the wait for this pre order item !!
Reezuan Mohtar
Honest Feedback...
Honest feedback guys, if you are more than 90Kg and 170CM/ The Victorage phantom is totally best for big and wide body type. The chair is very sturdy and heavy, the back rest and seat base is wide enough for my fat tummy and bulky legs. Easy installation process, the packaging is nice too. Most importantly you can fell asleep on sitting this chair because it is too comfortable. Syiok gila.
Mohammad Iqbal